Accueil Management BLITZ Europe works!!!! The proof by the European Commission.

BLITZ Europe works!!!! The proof by the European Commission.


BLITZ European Commission: it wants your goods so much (that it will take it).

Of course, the title is misleading… but who is not interested in knowing more and listening to another point of view?

Psycho-rigid! You may say;

If so, thank you for clicking and see you ’round. Have a great day.

Just two data points:

1 / 1975: France ranks fifth for the standard of living per capita.

2 / 2020: France ranked 26th for the same ranking. (Sorry, self concerned as it may appear).

I hear from a distance: “Yes, but there was this government in France etc…” … OK…

In that case, let’s fly to the US :
The Americans are complaining because the pension fund scandals that shut down have exploded the third-age job market, especially in home improvement and gardening stores because of their ability to advise clients in their thirties… Who didn’t laugh in secret about the famous sentence asked to the broke and broken 80-year-olds: « Where do you see yourself in five or ten years? »

And the recruiters don’t even see the ridicule of the script….

Vestager (the one in charge of some EU stuff) confirms the Liberals’ position since the 1990s: “By making the maintenance of competition a priority and by using all the means at our disposal to achieve it, we are doing everything we can to ensure a fair and prosperous society and economy.” Always this legislative/directive arsenal to develop the market via low prices and relaunch the offer, via the creation of European champions.

If someone knows of a market where prices have gone down as soon as markets or champions have been sold to the private sector or the larger ones have absorbed their competitors, I am an information taker. The price of electricity? Have insurance prices gone down? Have bank fees gone down? NOPE. Seriously, give me a break. Say I’m wrong:-) … and prove it.

It’s quite interesting to stay in a circle of thinking that doesn’t work. Einstein is often quoted on this different search for results using the same method…. I’m not doing it again here.

Let’s go back to Europe where everything is blocked and where the only evidence shows that the «liberal» spirit EU is unable to manage anything & to lead us to our common and complete loss.

What about mask management? Just a band of streetfights between Nations on the tarmacs. Border closures & PCR tests on arrival or departure from borders (Quarantine on arrival at the expense of tourists, eastern workers border travellers insulted, isolated, delayed, forbidden to go to work to Germany, etc.). Free movement agreements no longer work at the “slightest bit”.

What about vaccine & drug management? The bulk purchases are catastrophic, delivered late, corruption is such that a billion euros was spent for nothing in favor of Gilead on a product declared months before the purchase as useless, dangerous, and mutagenic. Validation on supplier data for contracts that will be cancelled barely delivered! (AZ, J&J… not even injected but cancelled!!!!! Great delirium of corruption and gross incompetence).


How to prove that the EU works when living standards are falling: the Greeks are at their lowest level (some inject AIDS to get the last public aid available, that is to say the level of misery and despair…), 15% of trainees in Italy are over 45 years old, the poorer Italians also now, at the end of the 1990s, 10 million officially poor French… Shall I continue, or shall I give you another slice?

Thomas Porcher describes the phenomenon of “Liberals” who never admit to being wrong and that it is the reality that lies, that would be wrong… since free competition is supposed to bring the right societal balance while in fact the decisions of the Commission feed the less-said fiscal and social.

French tax revenues are not paid by Amazon’s suppliers (€1,100,000,000 VAT evaporated), and «incidentally» tax evasion is estimated at €100,000,000 per year. Yes, I prefer to put in digital, a hundred billion, it’s very small when it’s written. What to do qq km of clean roads and some hospitals, even to revive another economy (green, recycling, energy, bio, local, training and reconversion, etc).

Social rights are on the decline, as in the reverse auctions of German labour exchanges, of migrant workers from Eastern Europe (paid according to the criteria of their country while they spend months on the French yards, this is what I saw in Normandy on the side of nuclear installations, at the gates of the DCNS etc…). Who has never seen Romanian truckers in Portuguese trucks, or even vans take two three pallets and leave urgently? The Macron law on labor is a copy paste of the Italian law on labor… law that has brought nothing good to the workers & to the GDP.

Is this the hope and the European ideal? The dream life?

Seriously, what are the consequences apart from the precarisation of the great masses of the population?

Rise of the warring parties.
Self-contained (Brexit).
Blockage of any rapid operation: no sign of unlocking the European recovery plan while the Americans have already received their dollars to revive the economy, the Chinese have already left the balloons to the full… What about us?

When are we going to realize that the EU is not working!? Why is it so hard to do good ?

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