Accueil Management How lean management killed The Beatles.

How lean management killed The Beatles.

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How the lean management and consultants killed the Beatles.

If we define that lean management is this technique of eliminating losses (material, time, gestures, expectations, skills, defects from an artistic point of view, but also transport, stocks, over-production), and the Beatles are Georges, John, Ringo, Paul.

What could be the reasons for this interaction that has NOTHING to do with it?
To understand the breakup of the legendary group, one must understand the economy.

What is an economy?
In the history of the economy, the literal origin was the study of the interactions between the components of the environment.

To give an example, early economic studies linked things that were totally improbable but connected. The most famous of these remains the momentary presence of cattle on the shores of the lakes in order to hydrate and cool down in summer, the natural «waste» they deposited there allowed the fish to feed.
it’s been a hard day’s night

To make the translation to the Beatles, the idea of the title “It’s been a hard day’s night” came at the release of the band very late from the studio… what was supposed to be the day had turned into the night, because the recording session had lasted much longer than expected!
We lost sight of real & initial groungs of the economy and the term was so hijacked by the « experts », the university theorists that it was necessary to invent the word ecology…


What is the impact of lean management and the consulting model on the Beatles?
We get there: the fact of removing the waste of time and waiting between takes, raising the skill to its historical peak and on all productions, achieving the objectives of optimal quality with each mixing has led the Beatles to work in lean mode.
How to optimize the top skills of each member to avoid taking and taking records ? How to avoid a false note, how to achieve that each member can produce the maximum value in a minimum of time?

Mixing and optimization of « consultants »!

Technological findings with high added value that allows to have as many tracks as qualitative flow, directly linked to the production of individual member; all optimized by experts in their business! … We can say that Eric Clapton is a good… I take this opportunity to say that if you have a problem in supply chain, you can contact me! I charge a lot, but still the ROI is awfully good.


The destruction of the economy (aka Beatles).
By adopting lean management, the arrival of consultants (Eric Clapton, Jimmy Nicol, Billy Preston, Brian Jones…), the economy that is the interaction between the components of the environment is destroyed. I do not quote Yoko «evergreen» Ono who has nothing to do with the separation of the group but who could be an environmental factor if we translated with our year!

Lean management having separated the members from the environment has removed the links between the members, the famous interaction creating value and fun, which has disappeared, because lean has forced them to work apart from each other while the core of pure value creation was economics,

I repeat –> member interaction was the source of creativity and value creation.
« Yeah, but that’s not what lean is. »


You will tell me: From a human point of view and team management, the mission of Lean is to optimize the relationships between members & to achieve an optimum economic result, and that is what happens in business. Yes, optimize.

Not harmonizing is another chapter, and as far as the Beatles are concerned, harmony is the basis of work. To destroy harmony is to destroy the musical group.
The mission of lean is to generate more profits and, therefore, for a company, to establish a % of burn-out conditions, to create a competition, to remove human in the series of actions to be performed in an office or on an assembly line (Answer in such a way with the greeting & catch phrases, mount the bolts in such a way…), this is the ultimate… and a nightmare for artists.


The next challenge for Lean consultants:
Achieve the optimum between human AND economic, so that humans find a balance to work effectively while optimizing margins.
Question to the reader:
Could we have had more Beatles albums if lean hadn’t existed?



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